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Grove and Garden Crescents together form Twin Crescents Tenant Management Organisation. The estate is within 5 to 10 minutes walking distance from the local shops, schools and churches in Pelsall. Pelsall is situated approximately 3 miles north east of Walsall. Pelsall was once just a village and although it has expanded over the years, still retains its village profile with events and attractions held on and around the large common in the centre. The borough boundary with Staffordshire is within two miles affording the area a semi rural position with local farmland and open space north and east of the village.

What we do

The TMO carries out the full range of housing services including allocations/lettings, repairs, environmental works, tenancy and estate management and housing advice. We also try to build a strong and stable community by running social activities. The Residents Association runs many social events in the community room and in the gardens. For many years we have given a high priority to creating community spirit. This has built up over the years and is really flourishing.

Our properties and eligibility

Twin Crescents estate properties are made up of:

One bed low rise flats (which have an age restriction of over 60). The estate also has some two & three bed flats, along with a small number of two & three bed houses.

Twin Crescents estate will accept applications from applicants with dogs for houses but not for flats.

For information on the types of properties you are eligible for, please refer here Am I Eligible

How to contact us

Tel: 01922 471910
General enquiries email: