Advice on COVID 19 (Corona Virus)

* Updated 22nd June 2020

Government's Housing Minister letter to all social housing residents

WATMOS letter to all residents 

We know that the coronavirus outbreak is worrying for everyone – we want to reassure our tenants, residents and customers that we are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to deliver our services in line with government guidelines.

Your health and safety, as well as that of our staff and partners is our top priority. We know that many of you may be concerned about the virus and we are working hard to ensure that we can continue providing essential services to you in line with government guidance around limiting the spread of infection.

Anyone with symptoms of coronavirus (Covid-19) is being asked to stay at home and avoid all but essential contact with others, to slow the spread of infection. The symptoms are:

  • a high temperature – you feel hot to touch on your chest or back
  • a new, continuous cough – this means you've recently started coughing repeatedly

If you have symptoms and live on your own, you should stay at home (self-isolate) for seven days. If you live with other people, all household members should stay at home for 14 days from the day the first person got symptoms. We are looking at different ways of keeping in touch by phone, email or video calls if our usual visits can’t take place.

We will have to adapt how we provide our services in line with current and ongoing advice from the government and Public Health England (PHE). PHE What you need to know

The situation around coronavirus is fast moving and advice from government is continuously evolving to reflect the current situation. We will adapt our services to ensure we can continue to deliver essential services, while conforming to the government's guidance to limit the spread of infection. We will update this page regularly to tell you about any changes to our services. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation at this time.

Useful links

Government Slogan


Latest NHS information and advice about Corona Virus COVID 19

Employment and benefit support

NHS Check your symptoms test

Guidance on Corona Virus COVID 19

Useful information and links for help from the NHS

Are you suffering from Domestic Abuse?

Looking after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak

Take a stand against scams

Friends Against Scams

Repairs Information

Essential repairs

During the coronavirus pandemic, we are only carrying out essential repairs:


    Essential repairs

         Non-essential repairs

  • heating or hot water and gas servicing
  • electrical emergencies
  • security locks and window restrictors
  • severe leaks
  • work required to preserve the safety of residents or the structure of a building
  • communal and estate repairs including lifts
  • works in our empty properties
  • minor day-to-day repairs, adjustments or inspections
  • mould and condensation
  • finishings including decoration, plastering, tiling and flooring
  • bath panel renewals
  • any repair required as a result of damage, neglect or misuse by the resident

Communal works, estate works and works to empty properties will continue as usual because there is limited risk of close contact between people.

For essential repairs, please call :

London :  020 3176 6390

Walsall : 01922 471910.

Repairs in your home

Our contractors are continuing to carry out essential repairs. They are taking extra safety measures to help keep you and themselves healthy while they work in your home.

  • They will ask a series of questions to understand the risk to you and your household
  • They will wash their hands when they arrive and before they leave your property
  • They may wear masks, gloves and use hand sanitiser
  • They may ask you to stay in a separate room whilst they undertake the repair
  • They may use an antibacterial cleaning solution or wipes on surfaces in the area they are working in

In line with Government advice, please keep your distance while they are working. If possible elderly, pregnant or vulnerable residents should stay in a different room or keep at least 2 metres away.

Gas Servicing

We have a legal responsibility for gas safety in our tenanted homes. This means we must:

  • Repair and maintain gas pipework, flues and appliances in safe condition
  • Ensure an annual gas safety check on each appliance and flue
  • Keep a record of each safety check

Gas safety is so important, we are continuing to carry out annual safety checks during lockdown.

Our heating contractor is following government advice when they visit tenants’ homes:

  • They will ask a series of questions to understand the risk to you and your household
  • They will wash their hands when they arrive and before they leave your property
  • They may wear masks, gloves and use hand sanitiser
  • They may ask you to stay in a separate room whilst they undertake the repair
  • They may use an antibacterial cleaning solution or wipes on surfaces in the area they are working in

If you are worried because you, or someone you live with, is self-isolating or shielding, let us know.

Useful resources

Below are some useful how-to videos and resources so that you can carry out basic repairs jobs at home in the meantime, without having to book an appointment or wait for an engineer.

Gas, boilers and heating
How to bleed a radiator
How to reset a boiler
What to do if you smell gas

Electrical and lighting
How to change a fluorescent light fitting
How to fix an electricity fuse box that has tripped

Water and condensation
How to treat and prevent mould

Kitchen and bathroom
How to unclog a sink
How to prevent a blocked sink
How to reseal a bath, shower or sink

Rents - What should I do about my rent payments?

  • You should continue to pay your rent every week or month in the usual way as you have agreed with your Officer.
  • If you are not able to make your weekly payment you must contact us at the earliest opportunity. 
  • We will work with you to agree a plan if you are struggling to pay your rent.
  • This can mean reaching a temporary agreement with you, we may be able to accept a lower level of rent, or agree a plan to pay off arrears at a later date.
  • If we do make an agreement it is important you keep to this plan and that you talk to your Housing Officer immediately if you are unable to do so. 
  • If you are worried about being unable to pay your rent, advice is available from specialist providers such Walsall Money Advice Project: or telephone  01922 623292, email  or in London, contact independent money advice charity Centre 70 on or 020 8670 0070
  • Click here to Pay Your Rent Online

Walsall Office & TMOs

* Updated 16th June 2020

Walsall Office

The Walsall Head Office is closed. We will be monitoring the situation very closely. Please check our website for further updates.

If you need to speak to a member of staff based at the Walsall Head Office please call 01922 471910 or email

Walsall TMOs

Estate Offices

Walsall TMO Offices will remain closed until further notice and residents can contact staff by phone or email.


Only emergency or urgent repairs are being carried out at the moment.  You can still report your repairs, however they will be logged and completed at a later date. To report a repair or if you need to contact your Housing Officer please call your TMO office or email via the email address below.

Cleaning and Gardening Services will continue as normal.

Tenancy Management 

Housing Officers will be available for telephone interviews and you can call or email them as usual.

Parking Permits

For estates where parking permits are required, all requests or enquiries should be directed to your TMO office by telephone or email.

Social Activities

Please note that there will be no Social Activities or Committee meetings until further notice.

Given the severity of the situation we are only allowing emergency contractors and other essential service provider’s access to the TMO offices. Therefore we will not be allowing any residents access to the TMO office.

Support to those vulnerable or self isolating

We will soon be contacting all residents over 70 years old and residents who are vulnerable to identify what support may be required. We will endeavour to work with those residents on an ongoing basis.

Useful Support Links

Walsall Council COVID-19 help & support for Walsall residents

Need help with Food?

Contact your local TMO office and we can help you or you can contact.

Black Country Foodbank

London Office & TMOs

*Updated 22nd June 2020

London Office

Due to a planned office refurbishment the Lambeth Walk office is now closed to visitor’s until mid June. However this could be extended due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, we will continue to monitor the situation closely and please check our website for further updates.

If you need to speak to a member of staff based at this office please call 020 3176 6390 or email

London TMOs

Estate Offices

London TMO Offices will remain closed until further notice to ensure we comply with government advice. Staff can be contacted by telephone on 0207 043 0670 or emailed at


To report a repair please call 02070430670. Please be mindful that given the situation emergency and urgent repairs will be given priority. All non urgent repairs will be recorded and responded to when the situation improves.

Tenancy Management 

Housing Officers will be available for telephone interviews and you can call or email them as usual.

Parking Permits

The parking permit scheme is currently suspended at Ethelred Estate until further notice.

The parking permit scheme is currently suspended at Thorlands Estate until 1st July. Any permits that expire from the 24th March 2020, will automatically be extended until 1st July.

Support to those vulnerable or self isolating

We are regularly contacting all residents over 70 years old and residents who are vulnerable to identify what support may be required. We will endeavour to work with those residents on an ongoing basis.

You may find other useful information vis this link to Lambeth Age UK  - Lambeth Age UK 

Self isolation is proving incredibly difficult for many. This link provides useful advice and contact information for a range of support agencies within Lambeth Lambeth Advice Agencies

Lambeth, London - Commercial Tenants

WATMOS has a small portfolio of Commercial units which are managed by  specialist Commercial Managing Agents, Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH).  As a commercial tenant If you have any queries regarding your rent, renewing or surrendering your lease or your responsibilities under the terms of your lease (including repairing obligations)  please contact  LSH on Telephone: 0207 198 2000 and ask to speak to Martin Barrow who is your main point of contact.

The detail of the landlord’s and commercial tenants’ responsibilities is set out in your lease. Leases can vary but in general Watmos (the landlord) is responsible for the buildings structure and you are responsible for everything inside your unit. This would include the plaster on the walls and ceilings, the floors, the fixtures and fittings, window and door fittings and glazing and all the services like electrics and plumbing that are exclusive to your unit, even if the pipes go through the building. Responsibility for things like your, windows and frames, external glazing and stores vary depending on your lease, so you should check your lease and confirm with LSH on the telephone number detailed above.

Reporting a Structural Repair and/or Repairs to Communal areas on the Estate or within the Building 

If you wish to report a repair relating to the buildings structure and/or communal areas please contact the WATMOS One Team office on   

Telephone:                                        0207 043 0670

Emergency Repairs

If you need to report an emergency repair out of hours, please contact our 24-hour help line service on 08000 662 742. This is a “make safe” service only, and covers only the repairs Watmos are responsible for under the lease in the communal areas or communal services.

Problems with gas, water supplies or electricity should be reported first to your service provider to see if there is a local issue affecting other people too, otherwise you are responsible for organising repairs.

The following repairs are not Watmos’ responsibility and should be reported directly to the following:

For gas leaks contact Transco on 0800 111 999

For gas meters contact your gas supplier

For street lighting of adopted roads and pavements, contact your local Council

For water leaks in the road contact your water company

For all queries other than reporting a repair please contact LSH on telephone 0207 198 2000

Buildings Insurance

We maintain insurance for all our properties and estate areas as part of what is called a ‘Landlords Block Policy’. This covers major risks like flood, fire, earthquake, storm damage and some accidental incidents like major leaks.

We regularly review the level of insurance cover and the provider to obtain best cover.  A copy of the existing Policy summary can be viewed by clicking here.


The Watmos buildings insurance does not include, business contents, fittings,  personal or business possessions like furniture, equipment, goods, floor coverings etc or, very importantly, your business or personal liability.  So, for instance, if a leak from your property damages another person’s property, they or their insurers may sue you. Equally if your business contents or personal possessions are damaged by a leak from another property whether it is leasehold, tenanted, or commercial  Watmos insurance will not reimburse you. Therefore you must  organise your own insurance including  business contents and liability insurance.   You should always seek independent legal advice on all aspects of your insurance requirements and liabilities.


The above is  not legally binding and does not affect any lease or other legally binding document or arrangement. Watmos has tried to ensure that the above content is correct at the time of writing (June 2020) but cannot guarantee its accuracy. If you are in doubt or difficulty, if you are involved in a dispute, or if you need to know your rights, you should seek your own independent legal advice from a solicitor or other suitably qualified person.

London Summer 2020 Newsletter 

Lambeth Princes Ward Newsletter

Dear Neighbour,

Here is latest edition of the Newsletter. We have produced a special survey to capture your experience in lockdown and it would be great if you could complete it. Please see item one for more details. Do keep us posted on any items you would like included in future newsletters. Keep safe.

David, Jon and Joanne

This week's Newsletter includes the following:

1. Life Under the COVID-19 Lockdown Survey

2. Join in with EventLambeth Windrush Day

3. Lollard Street Adventure Playground: Champions for Children Fundraising

4. Private Pilots Licenses for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Young People

5. Announcement from Stop the Blocks Community Action Group

6. Chartered Town Planner Apprenticeship Opportunity

7. Useful Websites

8. Contacting your Local Councillors 

Lambeth Council Activity

1.  Life Under the COVID-19 Lockdown Survey

Thank you to all of you who have already taken the survey, we’ve had a really good response. If you haven’t done so already, please do take part so that we can all be better informed on your views and recent experience.  

If you have two minutes please fill in our questionnaire.  Your answers will be confidential and anonymous. Here is the link:

Thanks Jon, Jo and David

2.  Join in with EventLambeth Windrush Day: 22nd June

The EventLambeth team have worked with Cllr Sonia Winifred, Cabinet member for Equalities and Culture on the Lambeth Windrush Day celebrations 2020.  The Brixton Project have also come on board to help deliver this ambitious and exciting programme.

The programme to acknowledge and celebrate the Windrush Generation was developed in April this year, with the content and activities shaped by the impact of COVID-19, namely the restrictions put in place by the Government regarding social distancing and gathering in public.

Since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25, and the global response to this shocking incident, we have been working very closely with Cllr Winifred to ensure we are mindful of how the Windrush Program is being delivered amid the renewed national push to tackle the inequality and discrimination faced by Black people.   The Council also announced it was launching an audit of all landmarks, statues and works of art in public spaces in the borough for their links to slavery, colonialism and the oppression of black and minority ethnic communities.

Lambeth Council has been clear that it supports the Black Lives Matter campaign, and that we believe that celebrating the Windrush Generation and their achievements is now more important than ever on Monday 22nd June.

The Windrush Generations energy, passion and skill, led to an exceptional contribution to the UK's foundations and values, especially through their work for the NHS and across our public services.  This year in the light of the COVID pandemic we look to celebrate this contribution.

We have created a Windrush Arts and Activities pack working with Brixton artist Carolyn Hill.  To share with our schools and those many pupils still being home schooled as well as activities for families to do together at home.

We are also asking everyone to join in and raise their voices in unity.  We've recorded a special Windrush version of a universally loved song.  At 10:27 on Monday 22nd June across Lambeth we are asking everyone to play this song from where ever they are.

Find out more Love Lambeth Winrush Day2020 HERE on the Love Lambeth Windrush Day page.

Local Activities

3.  Lollard Street Adventure Playground: Champions for Children Fundraising: From 23rd June

Lollard Street Adventure Playground is thrilled to be taking part in the Champions for Children match fundraising campaign run by The Big Give and The Childhood Trust. We are an adventure play offering free play sessions for children aged 6 to 16-years-old. 

Between midday on Tuesday 23rd June and midday on Tuesday 30th June all donations made to support the work of this historic adventure playground, run by the Kennington Association charity, will be doubled! We have £2,500 of match funding available, meaning with your help we can raise at least £5,000 to support free adventurous adventurous play in Kennington. 

The playground remains shut due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, but we are monitoring the situation closely to see if and when it might be possible for us to reopen this summer. All money raised during this fundraising campaign will be used to support the ongoing work of our playground, and to help cover any extra costs involved in making sure the playground is safe to reopen. 

To support our Champions for Children fundraising campaign, please visit our page on The Big Give after midday on Tuesday. You can find out more about the campaign, and the playground via our website, or on Facebook or Twitter

A big thanks from all the team at Lollard Street Adventure Playground and the Kennington Association.

4.  Private Pilots Licenses for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Young People

Fantastic Opportunity! Fantasy Wings will be funding the cost of training and Private Pilots Licenses for 3 BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) Young People on their 20/21 programme which commences this October. 50 additional BAME students of their 20/21 programme will receive a trial flying lesson fully funded by Fantasy Wings. Young people must be between the ages of 13 and 25.

Fantasy Wings are committed to changing the statistics and creating more opportunities for BAME students to become Airline Pilot’s and Aviation Professionals. There are 1000 spaces available for young people from BAME backgrounds to join our 20/21 programme in Birmingham, Manchester and London. It will run on one Saturday a month beginning this October for 10 months and will be delivered by Airline Pilots, Aviation Professionals and Industry Leaders.

Please visit for more programme information and go to the sign up page to reserve your space for the 20/21 programme. Please note that registration must be completed by Parents.

5.  Announcement from Stop the Blocks Community Action Group: Action Needed by 26th June

Only a few days left…

Please get your comments to the Planning Inspectorate by Friday 26th June 2020 on the planning appeal for the former Woodlands Nursing Home planning scheme

The window for public comments on the appeal by the developer Anthology (Lifestory Group) to get planning permission for their scheme for the former Woodlands Nursing home site will end this Friday 26th June 2020

This planning appeal is being overseen by the Planning Inspectorate and it will be determined by an open public inquiry at some point in the near future. There are more details on the Stop the Blocks Community Action Group  website at

We need every individual in the local community to please lodge their comments on this planning application again in the way they strongly and clearly did last autumn directly to the Planning Inspectorate. In all correspondence to the Planning Inspectorate please quote the appeal reference number: APP/N5660/W/20/3248960

Please do not send your comments to Lambeth Planning as they cannot assist you with this element. 
Comments can be made online at: 
Planning Inspectorate

Or in writing to 
The Planning Inspectorate 
Temple Quay House 
2 The Square 

The original planning application 

Fundamentally what the developer has proposed for the site has not changed. You can find more information on the developer’s original planning application here on Lambeth Planning’s website:

Lambeth Planning Online Applications

Please make your comments directly to the Planning Inspectorate by Friday 26th June 2020

6.  Chartered Town Planner Apprenticeship Opportunity: Apply by 30th June

Lambeth are offering an exciting new opportunity to combine study towards a Chartered Town Planner degree with professional growth through working within a directorate comprising the Development Management, Planning Enforcement, Policy and Place Shaping, Sustainability and the Area Regeneration teams. You will be based in the Civic Centre building in Brixton, one of our many diverse and vibrant town centres.

Lambeth Residents aged 18-24 will be given priority.

To apply for this Apprentice opportunity please click on the link below and complete online application form.

Apply Now

7.  Useful Websites

NHS website

Lambeth Advice on how you can help during COVID

Additional Government Advice

Latest council information on COVID-19  and the impact of the disease on Lambeth services

Vauxhall Local Chat Forum: 

8.  Contacting Your Local Councillors

All councillor surgeries have been cancelled for the foreseeable future, in line with Government advice.  Please do contact us if you any issues or concerns by email - using the email addresses above.  Please contact Jon and Joanne first, as David is the Director of an NHS Hospital.  We will let you know as soon as our regular surgeries have been reinstated.  We realise that some residents are not on email, so if you can help them contact us, that would be very much appreciated.

For ease of reference, our email addresses are:

Cllr Jon Davies -

Cllr Joanne Simpson -

Cllr David Amos -

Councillor David Amos

Prince’s Ward, Labour

Lambeth Council

We send a weekly newsletter on local news and events by email every Friday - do let me know if you would like to receive this.  We will only use your email address for this purpose and will keep it confidential.

Prince’s Team Blog:

Twitter: @davidamosse11

These are currently suspended for the foreseeable future:

Councillor surgeries each month:

1st Saturday (10-11am) at The Carmelita Centre

3rd Wednesday (6-7pm) at The Durning Library

Other useful links:

BBC News Updates on Coronavirus

Contact Details

Contact Details

Leamore, Avenues & Twin Crescents TMOs

Office - 01922 493266

Email -

Caretaker Office - 01922 495864

Caretaker - 07910 969665

Burrowes Street TMO

Office - 01922 613292

Email -

Supervisor - 07467110454

Caretaker - 07519372361

Chuckery TMO

Office - 01922 644456

Email -

Supervisor - 07467110454

Caretaker - 07825314940

Delves TMO

Office – 01922 720790

Email -

Supervisor - 07467110454.

Caretaker - 07931839995

Sandbank TMO

Office-  01922 400333


Caretaker - 07740 611429
Ethelred, Thorlands & Metra TMOs

Office - 0207 043 0670


Report a repair - 02070430670

Walsall Central Office

Walsall Central Office

01922 471910

Email -
London Central Office

London Central Office

020 3176 6390

Email -