Goodgym returns at Thorlands Wed 19th May, 6-7.30pm

Goodgym at Thorlands You are invited to another installment of the Forest Garden session - Prepping Hedge, planting and compost making

And yes before you say it, we are in Lambeth! But dont worry too much . Goodgym volunteers are a lovley bunch. And they are putting their heart, souls and energy into helping make our wildlife hedge happen! And so far i notice six are signed up.

Why don't you come and join them as unlocking of numbers  has happened this week?!

Everyone who takes part gets to take home a harvest bag. This week we have loads of greens - mustard leaves, sianch, chard and more!

Come and Help harvest if you prefer lighter work..

Book in with (link above) or with Simon on

We look forward to seeing you all.

Thorlands Gardens Club Team