Group Board

WATMOS is governed by a Board of voluntary unpaid members. The Board decides on the organisation's policies, priorities and strategic direction and monitors its performance. The Board is made up of the following members:

  • 9 Resident Board Members;
  • 4 Independent Board Members (selected for their expertise and experience).


Position TMO
Group Board Members
Tina Nicholson Chair Ethelred TMO
Maira Fitzsimons Vice Chair Chuckery TMO 
Richard Worrall Tenant Member Burrowes Street TMO
Vacant Tenant Member Delves TMO
Chris Wilkinson Tenant Member Leamore TMO
Vacant Tenant Member Magdalen Estate TMO
Vacant Tenant Member Sandbank TMO
Stan Williams  Tenant Member Thorlands TMO
Pat Davies Tenant Member Twin Crescents TMO & Avenues TMO
Tim Render Independent Member
Karl Linder Independent Member
Mark Leffler Independent Member
Lynn Nicholls Independent Member