London: Green space Consultation on Metra

Metra Estate in Streatham is blessed with loads of green space, but aside from the playground at the back, there’s nowhere for residents to come together outdoors and enjoy the space available to them. We think it’s vital that our communities have  spaces and opportunities to spend time with each other so we’ve just had a consultation with residents on Metra about how best to make used of the green space at the front of the estate, pictured below:

Metra Estate Green Space

Options put to residents included an outdoor gym, a children’s play area, a community garden, leave it as it is and other resident suggestions. Obviously it’s hard to come together in person right now but engagement was really high, with 23 residents taking part and we were delighted to see residents using digital channels, including online surveys, with such confidence.

Community garden came out on top, with more than double the popularity of any other option. We will now begin working with expert local organisations on design and engagement activities to help us to build back better and make the most, not only of our resources, but of the wonderful talents and interests of our amazing residents. If you’d like to be involved, please get in touch on or 07506 483 108