New Repairs Contractor for London

As of March 2020, Gilmartins are our new repairs and maintenance contractor.

Gilmartins provide comprehensive repairs and maintenance services for affordable housing and public sector customers maintaining homes across London and the South East each year.

Gilmartins are delighted and extremely proud to be working with Watmos and share our passion for customer service and look forward to fulfilling their commitment to deliver a high-quality customer experience, innovation and efficiency.

In addition to the core elements of the contract, one of Gilmartins key goals will be to reach out within the local community and delivering effective resident engagement.

The telephone numbers will remain the same, however there will now be options to select e.g. Option 1 for Repairs, option 2 for customer support

Repairs will be prioritised and attended to in line with the commitments below:

Priority 1 Emergency – respond and make safe within 3 hours, then repair completion within 24 hours

Priority 2 Urgent – repair completion within 5 working days

Priority 3 Routine – repair completion within 25 working days

Gilmartins Flyer