Our Response Times

When you report a repair to us we will discuss the nature of the problem. We will then decide what response time is appropriate. For urgent and routine work, we will agree a morning or afternoon on a specific day when the work will be done. If the work takes longer the operative will agree with you when he or she will return to finish the work.

Your questions answered

How long will it take?

When you report a repair, we will tell you whether it is an emergency, urgent or routine repair. Each of these categories of repair has a maximum time allowed for the work to be done. See Response times.

In some cases, we may need to visit first to decide exactly what work needs to be done.

For emergency repairs, an operative will call at your home within three hours, but for urgent and routine repairs we will usually agree a morning or afternoon on a specific day when the work will be done.

If an operative does not come within the response time or keep to a specific morning or afternoon agreed with you, please contact your local TMO and we will investigate the matter.

Certain repairs are covered by the Tenants’ Right to Repair. See Our Service Standards.

What if it is an emergency?

We treat repairs as emergencies if they are necessary to avoid danger or risk to the health of the people living in the home, or serious damage to the property. You can call your local TMO about emergencies at any time of day, but please be sure that we agree that it is an emergency repair rather than an urgent repair. See Emergency below. If you call us out and we find the repair is not a genuine emergency we may charge you the call-out fee.

What if I can only be in at certain times?

Most repair work is carried out during our normal working hours. If you find you cannot be in during our normal working hours you should arrange for a friend or neighbour to wait in on your behalf. This should not be anyone under 16 years of age. If you report an emergency you must stay at home. If you are not in the repair will be cancelled and we may make a charge. For all other repairs we usually agree on a morning or afternoon when the repair will be done. If you are not in when the operative comes on an appointed morning or afternoon, your repair will be cancelled. If we did not agree an appointment, the operative will leave a card asking you to phone your local TMO to agree when they will come again.

Response times

These are measured from when you report the problem to us.

Emergency - we visit and make safe within 3 hours and where possible complete the repair within 24 hours. For repairs that are necessary to remove immediate danger to people and avoid flooding, major damage to the property, or to make the property secure.

Urgent - we will complete the repair within 7 calendar days. For work to restore partial failure of essential services: sanitation, water or electrical supply, or heating systems, and any other work that needs to be done quickly to prevent damage to the property, to overcome serious inconvenience to the tenant or where there is a possible health, safety or security risk.

Routine - we will complete the work within 28 calendar days. For work where the repair does not cause immediate inconvenience or present a danger to occupants or the public, but should not wait for programmed maintenance.

Programmed work - Certain repairs may be held back and carried out with other repairs in the area as part of our general maintenance programme.

Inspections - Some problems need to be looked at before repair work can be ordered. All inspections are done by appointment within 4 working days from when you reported the problem to us.