Our Service Standards

Your questions answered

What standard of service can I expect?

We will respond to repair problems in an efficient and helpful way. Most repairs are carried out by our own operatives, but some specialist work is done by contractors. Anyone working in or around your home on behalf of Watmos Community Homes must follow certain rules of behaviour. See Our code of behaviour below.

What if the work is not done on time?

We will always put your repair into a response time category. See Our response times. If the repair is not done within that response time let your local TMO know and we will follow it up immediately. The Tenants’ Right to Repair entitles you to have certain repairs done within set time scales. See tenants’ right to repair below.

How can I let you know what I think of the service?

We welcome whatever comments you have. They help us find out what we are doing right and how we can improve. We send you a questionnaire whenever we confirm a repair you have reported. When the work is completed, please fill this in and return it to us.

You can also approach any TMO staff or committee member with comments but it is best to write to us. See Contact Us.

If you have a specific complaint, please call your local TMO. We will investigate it thoroughly. Most problems are sorted out quickly, but if you want to make a formal complaint, ask for a Complaints Form at your local TMO or complete the Comment & Complaint Form

Do you check up on the quality of service or workmanship?

We carry out regular checks to make sure that we are maintaining a good standard of service. This is done by selecting a number of completed repairs on a random basis, and carrying out visits to those properties to check on the standard of work.

  • Our code of behaviour
  • Anyone working in your home must:
  • Introduce themselves and show you photo identification
  • Be polite and treat you with respect
  • Explain what they are going to do and discuss how this will affect you
  • Keep you informed about how the work is progressing
  • Take care of your belongings, protecting them from damage, dust and paint. This includes putting down dust sheets or changing shoes
  • Make sure materials and tools do not cause danger to anyone in your home
  • Warn you and neighbours of any likely noise or disturbance they will make and keep it to a minimum
  • Clear rubbish away from your home at the end of each working day
  • Make sure electricity, water and gas are connected at the end of each day
  • Be appropriately dressed in uniform.

Tenants' Right to Repair

Under the Right to Repair regulations, you have a right to have certain repairs done within set time limits. These are repairs which could affect your health or safety if they are not carried out on time. For further information contact your local TMO.

Operatives are not allowed to:

  • Smoke or play radios in or around the home
  • Use your phone or toilet or electricity or gas supply, or go into other rooms in your home without your permission
  • Use their mobile phone during their work to make or receive personal phone calls
  • Be in your home with children under 16 without a responsible adult being present
  • Receive gifts from tenants
  • Keep keys to your home
  • Use offensive language for example, racist, sexist, religious or homophobic, (including jokes and behaviour).