Swapping your Home

If you’re already renting a home with us, you can swap your home with other social housing residents through www.homeswapper.co.uk/

HomeSwapper is an online mutual exchange service which lets you advertise your property and find someone to swap with. It’s free to use for Sovereign residents, and could be quicker than waiting for a transfer.

How does it work?

Register your details on the HomeSwapper website and wait for ‘match alerts’ to be sent to you. If you find a home you like, contact your TMO and we’ll let you know if it’s been approved. You’ll need to get approval from both landlords before the swap can go ahead.

We might not agree to a swap if:

  • either of the properties is too large or small for those moving in
  • either resident is breaching their tenancy agreement
  • one of the homes is for older people
  • one or both of the homes has been changed for a disabled person, or
  • you have a probationary or assured short hold tenancy.