Walsall Tower Block Refurbishment

Exciting times ahead for Walsall Tower Block residents - starting later this year we are refurbishing your home and block.

Your block will benefit from External Structural Repairs, along with External Wall Insulation, Windows and Balcony Replacements. 

This survey is closed A regeneration project for your future - as part of our external works programme, your estate has been selected for refurbishment. We are concentrating on ensuring that the blocks are structurally sound to extend the life of your home. We will do this by undertaking structural repairs and insulating the external walls, renovating your balcony and installing new UPVC windows.
External Wall Insulation (EWI) is a system of thermally efficient and attractive wall insulation, offering both energy efficiency and exterior protection to structures. Insulation is fitted to the outer walls of a building, covered with specialist render and finished in a colour and texture of your choice, ensuring aesthetic appeal is striking and durable.