London Cleaning and Grounds Maintenance Tender Evaluation

Please see key documents relating to the London Cleaning and Grounds Maintenance Tender Evaluation.  Leaseholders are entitled to view all relevant documentation during the consultation period.  Usually we would keep a full set of documents at the local offices for you to visit and refer to if required, under supervision to ensure confidentiality was maintained, and discuss any queries you had with our staff. This is currently not possible because our offices are closed due to the current Covid-19 Public Health Emergency.

This documentation is confidential only to Watmos leaseholders in London for statutory consultation purposes and must not be published or shared on social media of any kind. Sensitive sections have been redacted.

Landlord's Notice of Intentin [pdf] 542KB

Landlord's Notice of Proposal [pdf] 488KB

WCH3066 Contract Award Recommendation Redacted [docx] 114KB