Our Values

Our values are very important to us; they are our guiding principles driving what we do and how we work to deliver our mission, vision and Corporate Strategy. They reflect who we are and how we want to be seen.  

Our values have been developed by our Board and staff, and we hope everyone who meets us will agree that we live by them, and they are real.  

Our values are: 

  • We are Stronger Together – We value the diversity of talents, perspectives and experiences of our people. We work collaboratively to foster creativity, challenge constraints and achieve shared goals. 

  • We are Caring - We work for the well-being and safety of our people showing empathy and understanding. We take responsibility for our environment. 

  • We are Community-focussed - We provide support to develop the skills, health and wellbeing of residents and build the capacity of community groups to help support thriving communities. 

  • We have Integrity - We are sincere and act with honesty and fairness. We keep our promises and are accountable for what we do, how we work and our decision-making. 

  • We strive for Excellence – We constantly review and improve how we do things. We take pride in our work. We make decisions that drive value for money and social impact. 

  • We are Agile - We are adaptable, resourceful and dynamic. We innovate to rise above challenges and make best use of our resources.