Volunteer Opportunities

Some volunteers

We’re looking to start lots of new projects on your estate and could always do with an extra pair of hands on existing ones.

Are you a community minded, proactive, can-do type of person? Whatever your situation, no matter how much time you can spare, we’d love to hear about how you can help.

People volunteer for lots of reasons, including:

  • Using their skills and developing new ones
  • Making a difference to the lives of people in their community
  • Meeting new people and making new friends
  • Improving their health and wellbeing
  • Increasing their confidence
  • Supporting them to move towards employment
  • Giving them a sense of purpose and fulfilment

We know that whatever you have to offer we will be able to find a valuable and meaningful role for you.  It may be supporting some of our existing activities, setting up new ones, helping with our newsletters, supporting with catering, planning an open day,  or sharing your skills and interests with the rest of the estate. 

We want you to share your ideas with us and support us to make them happen. To see an up to date schedule of what’s happening where you are, head to the what’s on page for where you live and if you’d like to support a particular project or have an idea you’d like to discuss, contact your local Community Development officer:

Walsall: community@watmos.org.uk or 07984 225 181

London: fiorella.fronzi@watmos.org.uk or 07399 347 470