Gas Safety

If you smell gas, call National Grid (Gas) immediately on 0800 111999.

WATMOS and the TMOs have a legal obligation to service every gas appliance we’ve fitted in your home on a yearly basis. As it’s a legal obligation for us to carry out these checks, you must allow us in to your home.

WATMOS take gas safety very seriously. If you refuse our qualified contractors access to your home you may be pursued to court where we can obtain an order forcing you to grant our contractors access.

Annual servicing of gas appliances

If you have a gas appliance, like a gas fire or boiler fitted by WATMOS we must, by law service it every 12 months. We’ll write to you when it’s time for the service and our qualified gas contractors will arrange a convenient time to visit your home.

Once the service is complete we’ll give you a copy of the gas certificate confirming the appliance is safe to use. The contractor will also check your smoke detector and CO2 detector, if you have one to make sure they’re working properly too.

If no one is home when our qualified contractor calls to carry out the servicing, he or she will leave a card asking you to contact them and make another appointment. If they can’t gain access a second time our formal process will begin. This may lead to legal court proceedings to make sure our contractors have access to carry out the gas service.

You are responsible for carrying out gas safety checks on all appliances that belong to you. This includes your gas cooker.

Solid Fuel Appliances

If you have been given permission by your TMO to fit a solid fuel appliance then you are responsible for the six monthly services  the repair and maintenance of the appliance and also the sweeping of the chimney. 

What about Leaseholders / Freeholders?

You the Lease or Free holders are responsible for carrying out your annual gas safety checks on all appliances that belong to you. This includes your gas cooker.

Energy Saving Tips

  • Reduce your room thermostat temperature and switch off your central heating when you are not at home.
  • Your boiler, by law, must be serviced annually. Our gas contractors will be in touch with you to arrange suitable appointments when your service is due.
  • Keep curtains closed when it gets dark to prevent heat loss through windows.
  • Don’t obstruct a radiators output (for example drying washing over radiators will prevent heat circulation and may also cause condensation.)
  • Don’t leave taps running – always remember to put the plug in so that water is not wasted.
  • Adjust your heating – turning the heating down by just one degree on the thermostat can save up to 10% on your annual bill.
  • Drying clothes – try and dry your clothes outside (or on airers) to maximise your heating efficiency and avoid damp problems.
  • Expensive bills? Why not investigate cheaper costs with an alternative energy provider.
  • or have many useful hints and tips to save you money.