Structure & Governance

WATMOS Community Homes was formed in March 2003, when eight tenant management organisations in Walsall transferred out of local authority control to form the Association. Since then WATMOS has gone on to take ownership of 1,300 homes in Lambeth.

WATMOS is run by a management board made up of 13 voluntary unpaid board members. The board has 9 resident board members and 4 independent board members, selected for their experience and expertise.

The tenant majority on the board means that tenants control the strategic direction of the whole organisation, which is a unique management structure and puts tenants at the heart of decision-making.

WATMOS also has two area boards, a Walsall Area Board and a London Area Board which oversee local policies and strategies to ensure they are appropriate for their respective areas. Each Area Board has delegated powers to ensure that high quality efficient services are being delivered to each of the estates.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

The Board can confirm that WATMOS complies with the Homes & Communities Agency’s Governance and Financial Viability Standard. WATMOS also complies with the National Housing Federation’s Code of Governance (2015) other than the requirement to have a maximum board size of 12 members. The WATMOS Board, through consultation with shareholders have sought to retain a board size of 13 allowing for all TMO estates to nominate a member on to the group board, with the two smallest TMOs nominating one board member between them.

Group Board

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