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Ethelred CCTV Consultation

CCTV If you live on the Ethelred Estate in London, we want your thoughts on CCTV where you live. The time has come to renew the current system and in the coming days, everyone on the estate will receive a letter containing information to help them make an informed decision. This includes local expertise, an outline of the current situation, the need for a new system, the options for the new system, the costs and how they will be met, how you can have your say and next steps. There are four key ways for you to get involved:

  1. Online survey at – if you don’t get the letter, this contains all of the above information
  2. Small, socially distanced, in person focus group on your estate 3rd September, 6-8pm in Pory Hall. To book, please contact customer services on 0207 043 0670 or email
  3. Zoom Webinar with Chris Christou, 4th September, 6-8pm. To book, please contact customer services on 0207 043 0670 or
  4. Speak to customer services using the above details

The deadline for involvement is 4th September 2020 and we will communicate next steps to residents soon afterwards. We want as many of you involved in this process as possible, translations and easy read formats are available on request, but if there is anything else we can do to support you to get involved, please do let us know.

Chris Christou

Head of Operations - London

Black Prince Trust site during COVID-19 pandemic

Notice to Ethelred residents regarding usage of Black Prince Trust site during COVID-19 pandemic

3rd April 2020

Dear Resident,

Lambeth Council working in partnership with The Black Prince Trust in response to the COVID-19 crisis, have jointly agreed to use the Black Prince Community Hub as the storage and distribution base for care packages for the vulnerable people of North Lambeth.

BPT COVID-19 1Essential medical items and food parcels will be stored and packaged at the Hub on Ethelred Estate and distributed by local volunteers. The Hub itself will not be open to the general public and is only providing food to people already identified by the council as being extremely vulnerable rather than the wider population, so we ask kindly that residents don’t attempt to access the food and supplies directly.  

The operation will commence on Monday 6th April 2020 and there will be activity at the Hub every day, mostly between 8am- 6pm. There will be 24 hour security in place at the site, strict social distancing measures will be observed and PPE provided. Please note, this is isn’t a treatment centre and there will be no medical provision or diagnosed patients on site. There will be increased activity in and around the Hub. Should you wish to volunteer to support Lambeth’s efforts in fighting COVID-19 please register via the following link:

Any questions on the above should be directed to or WATMOS on 020 7043 0670.

If you are in need of support yourself, please call Lambeth Council’s helpline on 020 7926 2999

Thank you in advance for your support of this key initiative

C. Christou
Head of Operations, London
WATMOS Community Homes

New London Repairs Contractor

Gilmartins As of Monday 2nd March 2020, Gilmartins will be our new repairs and maintenance contractor.

Gilmartins provide comprehensive repairs and maintenance services for affordable housing and public sector customers maintaining homes across London and the South East each year.

Gilmartins have shown themselves to be extremely capable and Watmos are confident they will deliver the high-quality services residents expect.

Gilmartins are delighted and extremely proud to be working with Watmos and share our passion for customer service and look forward to fulfilling their commitment to deliver a high-quality customer experience, innovation and efficiency.

In addition to the core elements of the contract, one of Gilmartins key goals will be to reach out within the local community and delivering effective resident engagement.

With the appointment of the new contractor, for the first time we will have Gilmartins staff co-located at our Ethelred Office and repair calls will be directly picked up by them with the exception of gas heating works.

We ask that you bear with us whilst we make these positive changes for the next few weeks.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety Fire safety: Information for our customers

The following information is aimed to provide all of our residents with clarity and comfort in the safety of your home and to confirm that having liaised with the Fire Service the “Stay Put Policy” for our properties remains valid and in place.

Walsall Fire Safety Newsletter.pdf [pdf] 107KB

London Fire Safety Newsletter.pdf [pdf] 102KB