Decent Homes

WATMOS Community Homes (WATMOS) through the Tenant Management Organisation (TMO's) aims to ensure that every one of its homes remains in a decent condition no matter how long you live in it.

We will work together with tenants to keep your home in good repair increasing choice, and independence that is, vital to you and your communities' well being.

What is a Decent Home?

We carry out regular maintenance to all our homes but every building requires some form of major work during its life. This can include renewing parts of the building such as the roof or carrying out improvements to bring your home up to modern day standards such as installing double glazing or upgrading the heating system. Other regular maintenance works can include:-

  • New kitchen and bathroom
  • Lift installation
  • Electrical work
  • Heating installation

WATMOS is already committed to the Government target of all social housing achieving a decent homes standard.

This standard ensures that all homes are wind and weather-tight, economical to keep warm and have reasonably modern facilities.


We are committed to consulting residents at all stages of carrying out major works to give you a decent home. The type of consultation will depend on the works we are planning to do.

For example, if we are planning a lot of work with major changes that affect you and your community, we will organise public meetings to give more information to residents than if we were carrying out minor cyclical works such as the redecoration of communal areas.

We will also aim, where practicable, to give tenants a choice.

For example:-

  • Type and colour of kitchen unit doors.
  • Type and colour of worktop surfaces.
  • Type and colour of wall tiles.