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Summary of our Corporate Strategy 2023-2026 

Stronger future together

Download the full WATMOS Corporate Strategy or read on for a brief summary.

Chair and CEO’s statement in brief 

We are really excited to present our new three-year Corporate Strategy, “A Stronger Future Together.” Our Strategy has been developed collaboratively to reflect the ambitions of our Board, and the views of both staff and residents.  

We have identified five strategic objectives that we believe will help us build a strong community-focussed organisation to deliver great homes and services, build strong communities and improve people's lives across our 10 estates. 

These five objectives will help us to deliver our mission and vision, while supporting our values. 


Our Values 

  • We are stronger together 
  • We are caring 
  • We are community-focussed 
  • We have integrity 
  • We strive for excellence 
  • We are agile 

A Stronger Future Together - Our Strategy for 2023-2026

To create our corporate strategy, we looked at: 

  • The issues likely to shape our operating environment now and in the future. 

  • Our residents’ priorities and the areas of our organisation that need to be strengthened.  

Operating               Resident priorities

Our Strategic Objectives 

Objective 1: Being well led and accountable to our residents

This is about having effective leadership, strong governance and meaningful engagement with our residents. 

What we will do 

To deliver this objective we will champion diversity, particularly within our Board membership and across our resident engagement groups. We also plan to refine our governance structure to make us even more accountable to residents. The professional development of our leaders will also continue to be a priority. 

What we hope to achieve 

  • Positive regulatory judgments for both governance and viability  

  • External validation of our Board effectiveness. 

  • High levels of satisfaction for resident involvement. 

  • A better understanding of our resident profile. 

  • A stronger resident empowerment structure and external validation for it. 

  • More engaged residents year on year, with a greater diversity of people. 

Objective 2: Providing great services to residents

This is about improving existing services and developing new ones through the involvement of residents, whilst doing what we can to support those who live in our communities. 

What we will do 

To deliver this objective we will work with residents to create new neighbourhood standards. We will also make it easier for residents to contact us, access our services and make a complaint. Working with our partners, we will help residents develop knowledge, skills and confidence, improve their health and wellbeing, and enable those who are most vulnerable to get specialist support. 

What we hope to achieve 

  • New standards for each of our neighbourhoods, created in partnership with residents. 

  • More residents able to access our services through digital channels. 

  • High levels of satisfaction around ease of contact and how well we listen to residents and manage complaints. 

  • An improvement in how we communicate with residents and partners. 

  • Doing more to help residents sustain their tenancies and improve their quality of life. 

  • A record of the social impact of our work through a yearly report. 

Objective 3: Supporting thriving communities

This is about developing genuine collaborative working with partners and residents to drive improvements in our neighbourhoods.  

What we will do 

As a community-based organisation, we are passionate about making our neighbourhoods safe and pleasant places to live. To deliver this objective we will react quickly to issues that affect community wellbeing such as neighbour nuisance. We will also improve local facilities, create more green spaces and support community groups so they are able to grow and have more impact. 

What we hope to achieve 

  • The creation of a partners register with a focus on good governance across all partnerships.  

  • More support given to community groups so that they develop and thrive. 

  • High levels of satisfaction with our neighbourhoods as a place to live. 

  • Being able to see the social value impact of our community facilities through a yearly report. 

Objective 4: Ensuring our homes are safe and ‘fit for the future’

This is about making sure all our homes are well maintained, meet high standards for safety and energy efficiency, and meet the needs of our residents now and in the future. 

What we will do 

To deliver this objective we will embed a robust ‘safety-first’ culture across the organisation. We will also work with residents to develop a new quality standard for our homes, improve our asset management including reviewing our sheltered housing schemes, and take steps to deliver our longer-term plan for net zero homes. 

What we hope to achieve 

  • 100% compliance against all building safety, legal and regulatory requirements. 

  • The development of a new five-year investment plan – working towards all homes meeting our new quality standard. 

  • A better understanding of our housing stock through accurate, up-to-date and robust data. 

  • A review of our sheltered housing as part of our offer to older people. 

  • Working towards all properties achieving an EPC rating of band C by 2030. 

  • The creation of a fully funded longer-term plan towards net zero carbon homes by 2050.  

  • Achieving a minimum of 80 per cent customer satisfaction with our repairs and maintenance service, with no estate below 70 per cent. 

  • The development of 60 new homes that meet a minimum EPC B rating. 

Objective 5: Building a stronger organisation

This is about ensuring our organisation is financially robust, offers value for money and has the right systems and skills in place to deliver high quality services. 

What we will do 

We will work to strengthen our financial viability and ensure our services offer value for money. We will also position ourselves as ‘an employer of choice’ by focussing on staff wellbeing, and making sure our people feel supported and equipped to do their job. We will drive continuous improvement through service reviews and investment in our IT systems. 

What we hope to achieve 

  • An improvement in the financial viability of the organisation.  

  • The creation of a new workforce plan to ensure we have the skills we need. 

  • External validation of our performance through the Investors in People award. 

  • An overall minimum employee wellbeing level of 75 per cent.  

  • Assurance that we have strong corporate planning, performance and risk management processes. 

  • Completed reviews of our key services.  

  • Implementation of our ICT Strategy to improve how we deliver services to residents. 

  • A reduction in our carbon footprint. 

  • Being open to opportunities for new strategic partnerships. 

Corporate Reports

Read our latest corporate plan, annual report and financial report.

Corporate Plan

A Stronger Future Together - our strategic plan for 2023-2026 will help us build a strong community-focussed organisation to deliver great homes and services, build strong communities and improve people's lives.


Corporate Plan 2023-2026.pdf 4MB

Annual Reports

Our annual report highlights our housing and communities work, successes, challenges and financial and operational performance for the year.

WATMOS Annual Report 22-23.pdf 9MB

WATMOS Annual Report 21-22 .pdf 10MB

WATMOS Annual Report 20.21.pdf 6MB

Watmos Annual Report 19-20.pdf 3MB

Financial Statements

A yearly overview of our financial performance including statements on income and expenditure, our balance sheet, cash flow and changes in reserves for the Group, alongside a report from our independent auditors.

WATMOS Financial Statements 2022-23.[pdf] 1MB

WATMOS Financial Statements 2021-22 [pdf] 1MB

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