Buildings Insurance

We maintain insurance for all our properties and estate areas as part of what is called a ‘Landlords Block Policy’. This covers major risks like flood, fire, earthquake, storm damage and some accidental incidents like major leaks. Our Block Policy covers all the buildings and estates for which we are responsible – it does not relate to ‘block’ as in blocks of flats. Some items which are the Leaseholders’ responsibility to maintain such as wall plaster, floor surfaces, entrance doors, bathroom sanitary ware,   are included within this cover for incidents like accidental damage, for instance due to water leaks.

We regularly review the level of insurance cover and the provider to obtain best cover and, where appropriate, you will be consulted formally as part of the procurement process. When we change provider, a copy of the current Policy summary and information on how to claim is sent to each leaseholder. This can also be found on our website. If you have a mortgage, your lender may ask you to provide a copy of the Buildings Insurance summary every year.

Because of the large amounts involved, Landlords’ Block Policies are usually significantly cheaper than what it would cost to insure individual blocks of flats so our leaseholders’ premiums are much lower BUT – PLEASE NOTE

Leaseholders’ personal contents, fixtures and fittings and third party liability

The Watmos buildings insurance does not include your contents, ‘white goods’ (cookers, refrigerators, washing machines etc.) and fittings or personal possessions like furniture, clothes, bicycles, floor coverings or, very importantly, your personal liability. So, for instance, if a leak from your property damages another person’s property, they or their insurers may sue you. Equally if your possessions are damaged by a leak from another property whether it is leasehold or tenanted, Watmos insurance will not reimburse you. Therefore we strongly recommend that you organise your own contents and liability insurance. Some policies also cover accidental damage and lost keys, which is relatively inexpensive compared to the costs if something goes wrong.

Landlords’ Buildings Insurance Excess Charge payable by leaseholders

Most insurance policies, including car insurance, have an agreed excess amount which is paid by the insured person making the claim. This reduces the cost of the insurance because petty claims are avoided. At the moment, the buildings insurance excess fee is £100 per claim and this has to be paid by the leaseholder making the claim, regardless of the cause of the claim. Please be aware of this and if you are making a claim, check the current excess charge that you will have to pay.

Document Links

Please see links below to the  Buildings Insurance Policy Wording Document, Summary of Cover,  Summary of Cover Supporting Information and should you wish to make a claim the link to the contact details for the Insurance Claims Team.  In the interests of sustainability, all documents will be maintained on our website however, printed copies can be provided on request.

WATMOS Community Homes Protector Summary of Cover Avid Transfer 2023

Marsh Protector RSL Policy Wording