Moving Home

Over time your circumstances could change and you may need to move to another property. This could be due to changes in the size of your family, the need to live closer to work or closer to friends and family who give you support.
As your life changes you may need to move to another property. It’s our job to help you find a more suitable home. The length of time you’ll have to wait to be re-housed depends on your current circumstances, the type of property you need and the areas you’d like to live in. In particular, we consider any special needs you may have.

Moving within WATMOS


If you’d like to move within Walsall you can ask for a transfer. To do this simply make an appointment for an interview with one of our staff at your local TMO office. They’ll have a chat and help you complete a Housing Application form. We do this because our homes are let based on housing need. Many homes have to be let to people nominated by the Council, but we do have a transfer list for homes not let to Council nominees.

Once your application has been assessed and registered we’ll send you a letter confirming your details and stating what banding you have been awarded.


If you live in Lambeth and you wish to move within Lambeth you must contact Lambeth Council directly to register for their choice based lettings service called ‘Home Connections’.

You will need to register for a user ID and PIN number so that you will be able to bid for properties that are advertised on the Home Connections website. Their website address is

WATMOS is a charitable Housing Association so we have to be sure that you can’t easily meet your own housing needs by buying a home of your own or renting within the private sector. Those over 60 or who have a disability do not need to be assessed.

You’ll not be able to move if you aren’t keeping up obligations in your Tenancy Agreement. For example, if you’re behind with your rent or causing a nuisance to your neighbours.

If you want to live in another TMO area, you need to meet the TMO’s lettings sub-committee and go through a similar process to applying for your current tenancy.

Moving within your current TMO area

There may be opportunities to move home within your current TMO area. If you’re interested, please contact the staff at your local TMO office for more information.

Moving to another social landlord

There are many other social landlords with properties in Walsall and Lambeth who provide homes at affordable rents. The staff at your local TMO office can tell you more about this.

Transfers out of the area

If you need to move to another part of the country altogether there’s a national scheme specifically for this. Staff at your local TMO office can give you more information about it.

Private renting and home ownership

You may be interested in renting privately or buying your own home. Staff at your local TMO office will be able to give you general advice on these options.

Leaving your home

You must give at least four weeks notice to your local TMO office, ending on a Monday. We may agree to reduce this period in certain circumstances, for example, if you’re transferring to another WATMOS property.

You must give notice in writing, providing a forwarding address and the date you plan to move. You must also pay off any outstanding rent and service charges before you leave the property. If you can’t do this, let us know and we’ll make an agreement to help you clear your debts.

We inspect your home before you leave. If it’s left in an unsatisfactory condition or you leave any belongings behind, we may charge you the cost of sorting this out.

You’ll need to let service companies, like your gas, electric, water, telephone etc. know the date you’re leaving. You’ll also need to arrange for your mail to be redirected.
Remember to return all your keys to your local TMO office no later than 12 noon on the last day of your tenancy, otherwise we’ll charge you rent until you return them.

Ending your tenancy

If you want to end your tenancy, you must give us at least four weeks notice in writing. You must hand all keys to the property in to your local TMO office no later than 12 noon on the Monday that your tenancy ends and make sure no-one is still living in your home.
This is called giving ‘vacant possession’.

You’ll be charged rent for your home until the end of the four weeks notice period.

If your home isn’t left in a good condition you’ll be charged for items damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

If you’re already renting a home with us, you can swap your home with other social housing residents through HomeSwapper.