Rights & Responsibilities

Here is a brief overview of the main obligations contained within your lease.

You as the leaseholder promise:

  • to pay the ground rent on time.
  • to pay the rates or any other taxes on the property and to share the payments of any rates or taxes for the common parts of the building.
  • to keep the interior of your flat clean and to maintain in good working repair any of the services that apply only to the premises.
  • to pay the service charge (if due) on time and in full.
  • to pay WATMOS's expenses for any fees or charges made in connection with your flat(eg. Surveyors fees, accounts for management or maintenance or the collection of the ground rent). These people may be our own staff. This is included in the service charge.
  • not to alter the property without the agreement of WATMOS, which must be in writing.
  • not to do anything to overload the floor of your flat, which might damage the structure of the building.
  • to allow us to inspect your property, inside and out, following adequate notice stating this intention.
  • to allow us entry to repair any adjoining property or maintain any common services, following receipt of 48 hours notice of this intention.
  • to repair any defects within one month after receiving a notice from us.
  • if repairs are not carried out, to allow us to enter the property, carry out those repairs and then charge you for the work carried out. We will provide estimates before carrying out such works.
  • only to use the property as a single private residence.
  • not to cause a nuisance to adjoining occupiers or to use the property for illegal or immoral purposes.
  • to pay any administration charges as they become payable.
  • not to do anything which would make our insurers refuse to pay out on any claim which we might wish to make.

WATMOS as the landlord promise:

  • to allow you to live in the property, provided that the ground rent is paid and that you have kept all your promises.
  • to keep the structure of the property insured. Note: There is no need for you to pay additional Building Insurance, for instance, through your Building Society. However, personal effects are not covered by our policy and it is important that you purchase adequate contents insurance.
  • repair, redecorate and renew the main structure of the building and the services which it uses, together with the common parts, you the leaseholder being responsible for a reasonable share of the cost.
  • to enforce the rules against one occupier for the benefit of the other occupiers, provided that our costs are paid for by the leaseholder(s) who make the complaint.

Please see here for our Leaseholder Privacy Notice