Alteration and Improvements

If you would like to make alterations or improvements to your property, please complete all sections of this form that apply and return your completed form along with any relevant documents to:

Leasehold Services Team

WATMOS Community Homes

163 – 163 Lambeth Walk

London SE11 6EE

Alternatively, you may scan and email your completed form to:

Please provide as much information as possible. Insufficient information may result in your application being returned and further information being requested, which will delay your application.


WATMOS charges an administration fee, which covers the cost of processing your application. Our initial application fee is £60.00 (including VAT).  Please contact us at details on how to make payment.

If your application requires a surveyor’s inspection, we will charge an additional £60.00 per visit, or more if the works are considered to be complex, plus reasonable administration charges. Please note that, if applicable, you will need to pay any legal fees incurred (e.g. if a License to Alter or Deed of Variation is required). We will contact you prior to any legal instructions being made.

View our Alteration Application, Asbestos specialists examples and Building Regulation Information:

Alterations and Improvements Application.pdf 106KB

Asbestos specialists (examples) pdf.pdf 209KB

Building Regs info doc from 422KB