Moving Into Your Home

We like to make the process of moving home as easy and welcoming as possible. To achieve this we have certain standards that homes must meet before we let them. We’ll also help you through the process of signing the tenancy and provide a Handy Person when you move in, to help you with jobs like hang curtains. Finally, we conduct a settling in visit soon after you have moved in to make sure you were happy with the help and check that everything is in order.

The Standard of Your Home

Before we let a property we make sure it’s secure, safe and complies with all the legal requirements. It must also be clean, tidy and free from rubbish and it must meet the minimum Decent Home Standard.

Here we’ll explain the minimum standards you can expect when moving into one of our homes, and how you can help us make sure they’ve been achieved.


We will work with you to ensure that moving into your new property is as easy as possible. When you are ready to sign up for your new property a lettable standard checklist will be issued to you that will help ensure that the minimum standard has been met. Within 4 weeks of moving into your new home we will visit you to see how you’re settling in. Part of this visit will be to discuss how satisfied you were with the condition of your property when you moved in.

Flexibility for Residents

There may be occasions where the previous tenant would like to leave something in the property which the new tenant may want to keep. This may include floor coverings, furniture, a fitted hob/oven or other similar items.

This must be agreed previously with WATMOS. Providing we have no objection to an item remaining in the property, you will be asked to sign a disclaimer accepting that you will be wholly responsible for the item from the start of the tenancy.

Items which would not be agreed to may include those that constitute a health and safe risk, or those that may cause nuisance to other residents (for example, unsafe appliances or furniture, or floor covering fitted without proper insulation which would cause noise nuisance).


  • All properties will be thoroughly cleaned, free from rubbish with the floors swept and mopped.
  • Lofts will be empty
  • Kitchen units and worktops will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Bathroom fittings and tiles will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Wall tiles to be thoroughly cleaned and grouting free from mould.
  • Internal and external doors, frames and architraves will be cleaned
  • Windows and frames will be cleaned internally and externally.


We will try wherever possible to ensure that all our properties have a decent standard of decoration. In some circumstances however we will instead provide you with resources to carry out the decorating yourself. Decorating allowances will be awarded on a room to room basis and will be discussed with you when viewing your property.

Doors and Windows

  • External doors will be in good repair and will have had new locks fitted.
  • Broken or cracked glass will be replaced, window frames will be clean, safe and in good repair with all catches and fasteners working properly.
  • Windows above the ground floor will be fitted with safety restrictors in good working condition.
  • Internal doors will be secure, will open and close freely and be in good repair.

Walls and Floors

  • Floors will be clean, safe and free from trip hazards.
  • The kitchen, bathroom and toilet will have a clean washable floor.
  • Carpets and carpet grips will have been removed unless you want to keep them.
  • Polystyrene ceiling tiles and covings will have been removed and ceilings made good.
  • Stair treads, risers, handrails and posts will be safe and secure.
  • Walls and ceilings will be free from mould.
  • Damaged asbestos will have been removed from your home.


The number and type of kitchen units provided will depend on the type and size of your home. There are at least two base units and at least one wall unit as well as a larder unit and adequate worktop space.

  • All units, drawers, cupboards and worktops will be clean and in good working order.
  • The sink will be clean, free from blockages and have a chain and plug.
  • Plumbing will be in good working order and free from blockages.
  • There is space for a cooker, fridge and washing machine and a connection for the cooker and washing machine.
  • Wall tiles will be clean and safe.
  • They’ll be adequate ventilation.

Bathroom and Toilet

  • Each bathroom contains a washbasin, toilet and either a bath or shower.
  • Toilets have a new toilet seat, baths will be secure, sealed to the wall and have a plug and chain.
  • Bathroom fittings will be clean, work properly, have no cracks and be securely fixed.
  • There will be at least three rows of clean, safe and secure wall tiles around the bath.
  • There will be appropriate methods used to ensure adequate ventilation.


The home has:

  • Useable water, electric and gas supplies (where provided) and adequate drainage.
  • Working hot water.
  • A safe and useable heating system.
  • A working mains smoke detector.
  • Safety certificates for electric and gas.

Outside your Home

We will make sure:

  • Grassed areas are mowed and overgrown bushes cut back.
  • Gardens, balconies and sheds are free from rubbish.
  • Existing fences, hedges, walls and gates are safe, secure and in good repair.
  • Drains, gutters, downpipes and overflows are free from blockages and leaks.
  • Pathways are safe.
  • Roofs are safe, secure and watertight.