Richard Worrall

Richard Worrall After graduating, getting a further degree and a teaching qualification, Richard moved to Walsall in 1970 to join Birmingham University School of Education as an action-researcher working with a mobile education project for Traveller children in and around the Walsall area (West Midlands Travellers’ School).  WMTS wound up in 1977, with many of its young graduates attending local primary schools and an LEA Gypsy Education service in place.

Up until his retirement in 2013, Richard spent his career teaching basic skills (literacy and English for Speakers of Other Languages) right across the West Midlands conurbation, mainly to adults.

Richard has been an elected member on Walsall Council for a total of 32 years since 1980, a member of West Midlands County Council from 1981 until abolition in 1986, and subsequently a member of the West Midlands Transport Authority for a total of 25 years up to the present.

As a councillor, he took an active interest in Council housing and in particular was closely involved with the developing movement towards tenant management which culminated in the transfer of the Walsall TMOs to WATMOS at the time of the transfer from Walsall Council.

Since the early 2000s, Richard has been a tenant at Burrowes Street, and for most of that time the TMO Management Committee Secretary.