London Parking Scheme Update

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Please note if you have already purchased a permit, your permit is valid for one year from the 20th October 2021. All valid Wings visitors permits can still be used.

Parking permits are only required for Thorlands Estate , Magdalen Estate (Metra) runs a reasonable parking scheme and will be patrolled & parking fines issued if cars are parked on yellow lines or hatched areas.

Any further queries in regards to parking, or if you would like at apply for a garage to rent please email your enquiry to

Thorlands Estate

Thorlands Parking Regulations.pdf 305KB

How to Apply For A Permit

Register On-Line:

Visitors Permits: email or telephone 0345 463 5050

Permits for Blue Badge, Carers and Leaseholder Car please e-mail

Metra Estate

Metra Parking Regulations.pdf 201KB

How to Apply For A Permit

No Permit required as this is a reasonable Parking Scheme.


Ethelred Parking Regulations.pdf 215KB

How to Apply For A Permit

To Be Advised