London Parking Scheme Update Please Read

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The CPM parking scheme will go live on the 20th October  2021.  This is a soft launch for two weeks, only warning notices will be issued to cars that haven’t purchased a e permit or displayed a visitors or disabled permit.   Parking fines will be issued after the 3rd November to all residents that  do not have a valid permit.  If you are having difficulty  purchasing a permit from CPM please e email the London Watmos housing team at . Please note that parking charges have not changed and are still based on your agreed regulations for your estate.  If you require a copy of the regulations please email us as and we are happy to forward you a copy.

To apply for a new annual permit please use the following link: -

To apply for visitor permits please contact UK CPM on 463 5050.

Please note if you have already  purchased a permit your permit is valid for one year from the 20th October 2021.  All valid Wings visitors permits can still be used.

Parking permits are only required for Thorlands and Ethelred Estates, Magdalen Estate (Metra) runs a reasonable parking scheme and will be patrolled,  parking fines issued if cars are parked on yellow lines or hatched areas.

  • Any further queries in regards to parking, or if you would like at apply for a garage to rent please email your enquiry to