Delves East

Events Logo Delves East estate is situated on the south side of the borough on the east side of the West Bromwich Road and bordering the boundary of Sandwell borough. All our properties have easy access to both Walsall and West Bromwich town centres with regular bus services.
Bescot rail station and the M6/M5 are within easy reach. The estate consists of two and three bedroom houses, both pre-and post-war. Investment in excess of £2.2 million was spent on modernising the pre-war houses; the programme was started in 1997 and completed in 1999. We also have one and two bedroom low-rise OAP-designated flats situated in quiet residential areas.

What we do

The TMO carries out the full range of housing services including allocations/lettings, rent collection, repairs, environmental works, tenancy and estate management and housing advice.

We are also keen to build community spirit and to improve the quality of life on the estate.

Drugs and crime are problems that all areas of the Borough are experiencing. It is for this reason that Delves Partnership Against Crime was formed. Partnerships were formed with the Delves East and West TMOs Community Safety Unit, Joseph Leckie Comprehensive School, Delves East and West Resident Groups and West Midlands Police. All members are actively working towards promoting the Delves as a safer place to live. We have also improved the security on all properties for the over 60’s in order to protect the vulnerable from bogus callers. We secured funding from the Community Safety Office to fit “Identislot” security measures into all our properties occupied by either mature or disabled tenants.

Our properties

The key objectives of the TMO are to provide the best quality service to tenants as possible in a friendly but efficient, professional manner.
We hope to continue to improve the service in the future and continue to make the estate an enjoyable and safe place to live.

Our approach

We aim to continuously improve the Delves East Estate, including improving the low rise flats by replacing the flat roofs and providing parking for the residents living in our Middleton Close flats. We have also installed a lift in our three-storey block of flats in Bell Drive. The lift was completed in February 2003 and the tenants on the first and second floor with residents reaping the benefits of not  having  to struggle up either one or two flights of stairs.

Modernisation has also been carried out on our post-war properties and we have aimed to provide the same high standards that our pre-war properties received. Other key issues that we will continually work with our staff and residents to address are:

  • Security.
  • Community related issues including health facilities.
  • Reducing crime on our estate.

Our goals and hopes for the future are improving the living standards for all who live on the Delves.

Delves East has always been a popular area to live since the houses were built in 1935/36 and the aims of our committee and staff are to see that this continues. Fundamental to this are the tenants of Delves East, who are the people we represent, with their confidence in the Board; we aim to keep Delves East a place where people want to live.

Our aims and aspirations for the future are to promote Delves. Since becoming a TMO and working together with our resident group, we have achieved a number of projects with the help of partnerships that we have formed. To mention a few, these are: Identislot, cycle lanes and bus shelters, traffic lights between the Walstead Road and West Bromwich Road cross roads, tree planting on the common, bollards on shop car park, improved street lighting, security lighting on our tenanted properties, police surgery office, community events and outings and at all times helping to promote the TMO movement locally and nationally.

How to find us

You can find our office on the West Bromwich Road, on the left hand side as you travel towards West Bromwich. We are almost opposite the Joseph Leckie Comprehensive School and share the building with Walsall South Library.

How to contact us:

West Bromwich Road

Telephone: 01922 720790
Fax: 01922 638658

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