Twin Crescents

Surgery Hours

Tuesday - 9am - 1pm

Please call 01922 471910 to book an appointment, you can also call to have an appointment with your Housing Officer at the central Office at Lichfield Street

Where is the estate?

Twin Crescents is in Pelsall, off the A4124 halfway between Bloxwich and Brownhills. If you are coming from Bloxwich turn right off the A4124 into Shortlands Lane, right into Paradise Lane and left into Grove Crescent. The office is on the right less than 100 metres from the junction.

Grove and Garden Crescents together form Twin Crescents Tenant Management Organisation. The estate is within 5 to 10 minutes walking distance from the local shops, schools and churches in Pelsall. Pelsall is situated approximately 3 miles north east of Walsall.

Pelsall was once just a village and although it has expanded over the years, still retains its village profile with events and attractions held on and around the large common in the centre. The borough boundary with Staffordshire is within two miles affording the area a semi rural position with local farmland and open space north and east of the village.

Tenants and owner occupiers alike are able to become shareholders of our organisation and members of our Management Committee.

Twin Crescents is, as the name suggests, two crescents and has an assortment of properties: 15 one bed, 23 two bed and 11 three bed flats and 10 two bed and 5 three bed houses. Approximately 40 houses, originally Council, are now owner-occupied and the occupants of 2 flats are leaseholders.

What we do

The TMO carries out the full range of housing services including allocations/lettings, repairs, environmental works, tenancy and estate management and housing advice. We also try to build a strong and stable community by running social activities. The Residents Association runs many social events in the community room and in the gardens. For many years we have given a high priority to creating community spirit. This has built up over the years and is really flourishing.

Our approach

Twin Crescents’ key objectives are to maintain the standards we have achieved over the years. Ten years ago the properties were run down, poorly maintained and very few people, particularly tenants in flats, had any interest in their surroundings. Today the properties are at a good standard and the surrounding area is landscaped and pleasant. Tenants and residents are keen to give their support and even the children are encouraged to plant bulbs and be involved in gardening projects on the Estate.

We feel we have a unique community as not only do we have support for tenant management but we established an old fashioned type of community where everyone is willing to help each other. The communal gardens and the community room play a central role and are the hub of our community.

Being only a small TMO, we did try at one stage to increase our area by involving other tenants in Pelsall. Unfortunately, at that time, this was not viable. We would ideally like to manage more properties and be able to give a better service to tenants but are happy as we are as long as we have the continued support of our community.

How to contact us

Tel: 01922 471910
General enquiries email: