How to find us

The Sandbank estate is located on the edge of Bloxwich town centre adjacent to the A4124 (Bell Lane) and the B4210 (Sandbank).

How to contact us

1a Clarke House, Sandbank, Bloxwich WS3 2HF
Telephone: 01922 400333
Fax: 01922 400219

Opening Times

Monday - 9am - 1pm & 2pm - 4.30pm

Tuesday - 9am - 1pm & 2pm - 4.30pm

Wednesday - 9am - 1pm & 2pm - 4.30pm (Phones Only)

Thursday - 9am - 1pm & 2pm - 4.30pm

Friday - 9am - 1pm & 2pm - 4.30pm


Sandbank Tenant Management Organisation is located on the edge of Bloxwich town centre, a short walk away from the main shopping area. Sandbank TMO has been managing housing services on the estate since 1996.

The Estate is situated about 5 minutes walk from Bloxwich town centre and comprises 247 two bedroom flats and 6 1 bedroom flats in 4 multi-storey blocks which were built in the 1960’s.

What we do

Sandbank TMO provides a wide range of services including housing allocations, tenancy management, estate management housing repairs and caretaking. We give a high priority to maintaining a stable community within a secure and pleasant residential environment.

Our approach

Our primary objectives are:

  • To safeguard and improve the current level of service
  • To maintain a stable and harmonious community
  • To protect and enhance the estate environment
  • To provide a secure and safe place to live
  • To encourage full tenant participation in running the estate
  • To ensure that Sandbank remains a popular place to live

Our goal for the future is to work in co-operation with our partners in WATMOS to maintain and improve our services to the tenants and residents of Sandbank.